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About Us

We are SOCO Strength! We are a fitness community with a unique culture. We have no gimmicks, no quick fix challenges, no crash diets or mandatory weigh-ins…just good old fashion hard work and killer workouts that will constantly challenge your physical and mental strength. Our gym is located within a 6,900 sq.ft. warehouse in Lake Forest, CA. The facility is equipped with rowing machines, bikes, sleds, carpeted cardio lanes, strength training equipment, and more.

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 Maximized Training

SOCO Strength focuses on total body workouts and includes high intensity interval training, weight lifting, functional movements, and cardio/endurance training. Coaches offer both group and individualized attention.

Improved Overall Fitness

At SOCO Strength, we all have the like-minded objective to improve our health, increase our fitness level, and push ourselves beyond our perceived limitations with each and every workout. We work both communally and individually to achieve our personal goals. 

 Community Support

Here you are not just another payment each month, you become part of our family. With that comes workout partners and friends who encourage, motivate, and support you through anything life throws at you. We can't wait for you to become a part of our family!

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SOCO Strength

22600-D Lambert St. Ste.1003

Lake Forest, CA 92630


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Soco Strength | 22600-D Lambert St. Ste.1003 Lake Forest, CA 92630 | 949.836.0202

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